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Arkham Investigation


Delve into the dark secrets of Arkham...

Fantasy Flight Games

The publisher of the board game, Arkham Horror.

Strange Eons

Strange Eons is a wonderful free downloadable program for both Arkham Horror and Arkham Investigations. Strange Eons is a design tool for creating custom content for board and card games. It was originally built for the Arkham Horror board game. For Arkham Horror players, Strange Eons makes it easy to create new investigators, Ancient Ones, monsters, items, allies, and other custom content - even whole new "big box" expansions. For players of other games, there is a small but growing base of support. Plug-in authors can add nearly any kind of game component imaginable.

For Arkham Investigations, it has a great add-in for writing and exporting case books.

Arkham Investigations

Nephilim's original Arkham Investigations site.

La Page des Créations

A French Arkham Horror Wiki site - at the bottom of the page are several items for Arkham Investigations.

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Arkham Horror

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